We are a global citizen initiative for democratic change in Sudan. We do this by bearing witness to the mass atrocities and crimes against humanity being committed there, promoting justice and accountability, and by providing direct humanitarian help to relieve the suffering of its peoples.

We mobilise the Sudanese diaspora and other international capacities to assist local civil society groups to help their own most marginalised communities in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile, and elsewhere in Sudan, as well as Sudanese refugees.
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People4Sudan has a direct practical approach. We work for the following outcomes:

  • No one is left unheard

    i.e. the atrocities committed are registered, and the pain and suffering of individuals and communities given respectful expression through human rights advocacy for justice, accountability, and restitutio

  • No one goes to sleep hungry

    i.e. there is at least one meal a day being eaten by suffering people.

  • No one dies from a preventable cause

    i.e. essentials of primary healthcare are made accessible, mothers do not die in pregnancy, children survive, and injuries inflicted by the war are treated.

  • No child grows up with an empty head

    i.e. basic education is provided so that oppressed communities do not lose the self-knowledge and culture essential for their future (which is often an aim of those embarking on genocide).

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